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Review, Impression & Article Indexes

The Review, Impression and Article Indexes category is a single repository of indexes for “formal” reviews, impressions and articles across both “The HEADPHONE Community” and

General Headphone Discussion

This is the spot for posting anything about headphones that doesn’t have its own category yet. As we grow we’ll have a better idea of topics that deserve their own category. We’re using this category as a catch-all in the meantime.

Official Headphone Model Discussion

Every headphone model gets one thread in the Headphone Model Discussion Category.

Headphone News

This is the spot to discuss all the news in the headphone world.

Official AMP/DAC/DAP Model Discussion

Every AMP/DAC gets its own thread. This is the spot to post impressions, questions or advice about a specific AMP/DAC model. If you want to add a new model, send me a message.

Headphone/DAC/DAP/Amp Brands

This category is brand specific where discussion of a specific brand will go on. Whether it be announcements from the brand itself, news/rumours heard around the grapevine, and when we eventually have the brands on here, discussion with brand members.

General DAC/Amp/DAP Discussion

The place for general discussion about DACS/Amps/DAPs.

Purchase Advice

Ask your questions here if you are looking for purchase advice. There are tons of knowledgable headphone enthusiasts here that would be happy to help you out !

All Things Music

In here you’re free and open to talk about all things music

Troubleshooting Help

The Troubleshooting Help category is all about helping fellow enthusiasts and new users.

Gear Pics

Sometimes its nice to just sit back, relax, get away from the discussion and look at some sweet headphone photos! Post your photos here, whether they include you or not everything is included (unless its inappropriate of course).

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


In this age of digital audio, software is an important component of the audio experience. This is the spot for discussing 1’s and 0’s

Do It Yourself (DIY & Mods)

This is the place for those of you who love modding your gear, whether it to be to improve sound, change the tuning or for pure aesthetics.

Hearing & Health

This category is for discussing anything related to hearing health

Technical Discussion

The Technical Discussion category is the place to discuss the technology and science behind audio, electronics, psychoacoustics, physics (both in terms of sound and electronics) as well as measurements, measuring techniques, gear and tools.

Buy & Sell

We’ve wanted to have a buy and sell for a long time but haven’t found a great way to do it with software. So until we can find a better solution I wanted to start a low-fi category that we can improve over time.

HEADPHONE Community Meta

This category is for threads about The HEADPHONE Community