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Thank you there’s some great information there. I had also heard that EE had dropped the Adel technology. I too don’t like too much bass or bass impact. The sub-bass on the Massdrop Plus iem’s I found a little fatiguing at first but I have tried to EQ this out a little. I do like the look of the 64 lineup though. Again thanks for your thoughts.:slightly_smiling_face:

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So, two weeks in on my listening to the complete set of 64 Audio’s universal-fit IEMs … and in the process of wrapping that up so I can start converting listening notes into proper reviews of them …

Previously I’d only had the U18 tzar and tia Fourté together - mostly because the tia Trió and U12t didn’t exist at the time.


The performance of all of these models is very high. The swappable APEX modules on the U18t and U12t are a nice way to be able to tune the bass performance and isolation, while keeping ear fatigue at bay, and the built-in APEX modules of the tia Fourté and Trió also, for me, completely eliminate the listening fatigue I get very rapidly with IEMs that don’t have APEX or ADEL type features.


I am really looking forward to your write-ups regarding the 64 Audio Universal lineup.


Those tia Fourtes are handsome…

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Hey Guys,

@taronlissimore from headphone.com was kind enough to let me stop by the headphone.com office this morning to give the 64 Audio Universal IEMs a try. I have been considering a pair of IEMs for a while, and this was a great chance to give them a listen and see what I think. I listened to the U18Tzar, Tia Trio, and Tia Fourte.

I listened to the Tia Fourte first. I immediately noticed the amazing 3d like imaging and soundstage. Very impressive first impression. The Highs became a bit much on modern pop, brightly mastered stuff, and were a tiny bit sibilant with vocals…however with electronica and other genres, they really impressed me. The sub bass is lovely, and is more present than the Tia Trio. There is a tiny bit less mid bass than the U18Tzar. The mids are a bit pulled back, so if you like big lush mids these are not the IEMs for you. I value quality bass, and soundstage the most I think, so these were really up the alley. I tried doing a tiny bit EQ on the highs, and this improved them to my ears for the brightly mastered pop stuff. So, if you like big lush mids, don’t buy these, if you are particularly treble sensitive, don’t buy these.

I listened to the Tia Trio next. Compared to the Fourte, the first thing I noticed was a lack of air and space around the notes. You lose the amazing 3d like imaging and soundstage. However, the highs are smoother than the highs on the Fourte. I think I actually preferred the highs in general on the Trio vs. The Fourte. The mids are a bit more present on the Trio, which makes it work better with acoustic music (IMO anyhow.) There is less sub bass and bass in general. If you can get a deal on these, they make an argument for being the best I have heard for the price. Definitely a recommended listen.

I checked out the U18Tzar next and….man I was disappointed. My notes say “Kinda Boring, muffled sounding in comparison to the Fourte.” I could see these being the right IEMs for you if you like a more reference neutral tuning, but for me and my ears, combined with the astronomical price, I just couldn’t get on with these. They don’t have the 3d imaging and soundstage I mentioned, nor the airy treble. I don’t know, just not for me. Your mileage may vary.

I forgot the mention comfort. These 64 Audio IEMs are immensely comfortable as they all share the same basic shell design :slight_smile:

So, to wrap up. This morning was an enlightening listening session. The Fourte was impressive enough for me to buy a pair, however I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a pair at retail price. I just can’t justify that much for an IEM, no matter how special they are. The Fourte really floated my boat, however, but I can see why people might not enjoy them at all and in fact, might actively dislike them. I think they are kinda like the Abyss, in that you will love them or hate them. The Trio is the most balanced, yet still involving sound signature out of the three. I would highly recommend them, especially if you can find a deal on them, bringing them into TOTL Campfire Audio type pricing. The U18Tzar….yeah not for me, but you might be different, so try to get your ears on a pair before purchasing, as they are not cheap IEMs.


I may be in the minority, but I am not super enthusiastic about the aesthetics of the tia Fourté (specifically). They’re not unattractive, and are quite striking in some cases, but each pair is unique and the copper-patina inlay can vary from including quite a broad range of hues, ranging from almost black, through various green/blues all the way through to unoxidized copper. The ones in my pictures above are the demo set, and those are in that category

And then some, like the pair I bought for myself, can wind up being green/blue/black, with not much variety and a limited range of colors (which you can see in this post).

Not that it’s a big deal - they sound amazing and how they look is largely immaterial when they’re in use. But I personally prefer the redder inlays on the U18t, and if it had been down to me, would likely have put carbon fiber, mother of pearl or abalone on the backs of the Fourté.

Congrats, welcome to the club … and happy listening!


Yes, please!

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So jealous. I would love a pair myself. That was a cracking good write up. Just what I was looking for. I have been looking at 64 Audio for ages. When I get the cash I would like to get a pair myself.


Apparently 64Audio are announcing and previewing a new IEM at CanJam this weekend. Can’t wait to see what that is. There may be some swearing (and some rejoicing) if it’s a custom-fit version of the tia Fourté.

Though if the in-shadow teaser image is anything to go by, it looks like a universal … something they don’t have a model for under $2,000 today …


I’ve heard rumours of a new tia fourté online. I didn’t watch Jude’s video but there was mention of something in there. If they’re doing a custom fourté though i would imagine they would be announcing a custom trio along with it.


So … this must be the new tia Fourté …

I wonder if this is what they were teasing/sampling at CanJam … given it’d fit the time-frame they talked about.


Someone got a measurement of the prototype at CanJam. It measured basically the same as the regular Tia Fourte.


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I purchased a 64 Audio a18T ciem pair back in December. The left side fits ok, and have had one remake of the right side, and it still causes pain after a few minutes, even using Oto-Ease lubricant. The pain is in the anterior side of the ear canal, right behind the tragus. Also, I hear my pronounced heartbeat to the point where it interferes with my listening to music. Perhaps it is pressing against a nearby blood vessel in my ear canal? I have alerted the 64 Audio refit department again, but have not heard back from them. You would think that they would have more responsive support for a ciem that costs so much.

These iems sound terrific. I would just like them to fit properly. :rage:

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This is a solid discount!! To bad the current situation is more about to save as much as you can, at least in our little family business.


That’s an excellent deal!

Do you here your heartbeat (pulsatile tinnitus) without the IEM’s in? If you do, get it checked out.

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No, I only hear my heartbeat with the ciem’s in. But thanks for the advice.

I think that I have diagnosed the problem for me, and perhaps for others who have problems with custom item fitting. I believe that when they inject the silicone under a certain amount of pressure, that it distends the ear canal in places where it is flexible, and creates a slightly oversized mold in that area - which is then translated into hard acrylic by the iem manufacturer.

The solution that I am going to try (as soon as the coronavirus issue is resolved) is to have my ears 3D laser-scanned (with an OtoScan machine) at a local audiologist. Since the scanner does not touch the wall of the ear canal, this should result in a more accurate mold of my ear canal, and subsequently a better fit for my 64 Audio a18T ciems.

BTW, I have to give a hand to Taron for waking up 64 Audio for me. After he contacted them, they are much more responsive. Thanks Taron!


In case you guys want to fine tune your 64audio IEMs even more, FiR Audio offers modules that should sound a little different than the stock M15/M20 modules! Check it out here. Thanks @antdroid for letting me know that these exist! I just ordered a set! I’ll share my thoughts and how much it changes the U12t when I receive them in the mail.


Hi everyone !
I have had the chance to try out the 64audio Tia Trio for the past 2-3 weeks and this is all thanks to the HEADPHONE Community Preview Program. I highly encourage people to participate and share their thoughts !

I guess I should begin with a few disclaimers. Firstly, the music I tend to listen to revolves a lot around metal, rock, instrumental and soundtracks. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the bands I used to gather my thoughts : Dream Theater, Haken, Jinjer, Tool, Gojira, Trivium, Devin Townsend Project, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Porcupine Tree, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Soen, Animals as Leaders, Hans Zimmer, Final Fantasy OST, Hollow Knight OST and Ori & the Blind Forest OST. Secondly, my library consists of my own 16bit 44.1 KHz FLAC files and I also use streaming services like Tidal Masters and Spotify (on the very high setting). Thirdly, I used the iFi iDSD Micro Black Label and the Sony WM1A as my sources. They are on the warmer side, which I think is a good match with this IEM. Eartips wise, I used my favorites, the Azla Sedna shorts.

To start off my small review, I’ll go with comfort. I have tried or owned a lot of different IEMs (from Sony, QDC, VisionEars, Campfire Audio, FiR Audio, Empire Ears, Shure, etc.) and I think the Tia Trio is amongst the best out there. The Apex technology with 64audio IEMs is amazing and I don’t have any pressure buildup whatsoever, which is an issue I have with almost every other brand. As far as size goes, it is on the bigger side, so it might be an issue if your ears are smaller than average. Fortunately, the nozzle is long enough, so it should help with deep insertion and stuff like that.

As far as packaging goes, the presentation is not exceptional by any mean, but it’s alright. There’s a protective case that you can use to protect / store the IEMs, a couple eartips and the stock cable. Speaking of cable, it’s one of the worst out there. It does not feel really good and I would strongly recommend to buy an aftermarket one (a cheap YinYoo one is good enough) if you plan on keeping the Tia Trio for a long period. I personally use the Dunu DUW02 and it’s nice to be able to swap the connector at will !

Anyway, it’s time to talk a little about the sound. Starting with the low frequencies, I’d say it’s one of the highlights. It has typical DD texture and the level itself is fairly boosted, which makes it enjoyable for genres like hip hop, EDM and things like that. Sub bass is well represented (nice extension), but I feel like mid bass should be a little bit more pronounced, especially for a v-shaped IEM.

Continuing with the mid frequencies, I’d say it’s definitely the weak part of this IEM. They sound really far back, which make the Tia Trio hard to enjoy overall with the vast majority of genres I listen to (rock and metal mostly). The amount of detail is fairly good, but I can’t say it’s exceptional, especially for the price. It’s not ideal for someone that wants to hear every detail in their music (look at the KSE1200, Anole VX or U12t if that’s what you want !).

Treble wise, the Tia Trio reaches a level that makes me a bit uncomfortable. Some peaks in the upper frequencies might be the reason for that, but I am not too sure on where exactly in the frequency graph. All in all, it makes for a very intense experience. If you tend to listen to music at high volumes, get ready! I have not tried to EQ this IEM, but it could be an option if you’re sensitive to that region like I am.

Finally, I would say that soundstage and imaging are quite impressive. I get the feeling that music surrounds me (3D sound) and isn’t “direct”. Imaging is also good, in both depth and width.

In conclusion, would I recommend the 64audio Tia Trio for the price? I’m not too sure. It does not pair really well with my genres (rock and metal) and I prefer the U12t by a decent margin, but I would still give it a try. With the current 30% off sale, it sits at a more reasonable price. In the same price range, I would also consider the Campfire Audio Solaris, which is more balanced and full sounding to me. You don’t quite get the same bass presence (the Solaris is a bit more tame in that region), but you get more detail and a more realistic presentation (instruments and male vocals) overall.

Anyway, that about wraps up my small review, hope you enjoyed the read and feel free to ask questions below if you have any :slight_smile: !