64 Audio U18t (U18 Tzar) - Universal IEM - Official Thread

Thank you very much for you thoughts. I too find the Shure SE846 to be a fun Iem and was my first serious in-ear. Though a little heavy on the bass I have tried to make it as bright as I could. In that regard I went with the white filter. Though still a bass oriented iem I found it still had decent detail and a enough as a whole to let me enjoy my music. Albeit in a more relaxed fashion.

With regards the Andromeda I fell in love with the high end straight away. It walks the line between silibance and resolution and detail extremely well. Upto now it’s been the best in-ear I’ve heard for my personal tastes. It surpasses the Shure 846 in every every department except possibly the bass. Though the Andromeda’s have perhaps a more detailed bass it’s certainly not as fun. The analytical nature that some find that the Andromeda’s have, is to me one of its strengths. The Air and the soundstage that the Andromeda’s exhibit is also pleasing to my ears.

Overall they are two very different iem’s. They offer different listening experiences and will be keeping both in my collection.

With my acquisition of the U18t I am hoping to get another setup from these two. I am very excited and can’t wait to have them in my hands. It’s going to be a nice little project and I look forward to giving my thoughts on them. Well I’ll do my best anyhow.


Thanks for your initial impressions on the U18t @Torq! Have you tried the U12t? If yes, how does the U18t compare to the U12t? I own the U12t and was wondering how different they are… Thanks in advance.


I have!

In fact I had the entire 64 Audio universal line-up in my hands (and ears) for review very recently …

I just haven’t had time to get all of my listening notes written up formally and posted as reviews. I’ll create an official thread and post something along the lines of what I did above for the U18t sometime tomorrow (I’d so it now, but it’s more than I want to type on an iPad).

But, there are many similar traits between the U12t and the U18t, with the biggest differences being in the tuning … where the U12t have a much more bass-tilted presentation/significantly less treble presence. Which will better suit those that are treble-sensitive/bass-happy.

But, proper thoughts to follow in a dedicated thread …


I thought the Tia Forte and Andromeda had way too much treble quantity for my tastes. Is the U18t in the same ballpark, or has the quantity been tamed a bit?

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The tia Fourte has an elevated treble level when compared to the U18t. Switching from SpinFit CP240 to CP500 tips leveled that out a bit. The U18t I would describe as neutral. So, no it doesn’t have the treble emphasis that I hear with the tia Fourte.

With the right source, Andromeda is largely neutral too. To low an OI and it gets overly bassy, too high and it goes the other way (though perhaps not to quite the same extent). So a comparison there is dependent on how the Andromeda were being driven.

At right about 2 ohms OI, I would say the Andromeda has a little more treble energy than the U18t, for a slightly less-neutral presentation. However, I would also say that the smoother and more refined top-end on the U18t means that it draws less attention to itself in that regard as well.


Dedicated thread for the U12t created here.

Some high-level thoughts from my extensive listening to them to follow there when I get a chance, probably a bit later today (trying to avoid more iPad-basd typing than necessary).


Thanks for another helpful and insightful response. So as someone who does enjoy the sound signature and overall tonality of the U12t, do you think that upgrading to the U18t is going to be a disappointment? Putting it the other way, would you recommend such upgrade or is that going to be a classic case of diminishing returns at its best?

I haven’t had a chance to make a more coherent and complete post on the U12t yet, so apologies for that.

In the meantime, I would say that from a technicalities perspective the U18t is a noticeable improvement over the U12t.

For example, bass hits harder on the U18t (dynamics, impact/slam) and has better texture even though it is at a lower level (quantity) vs the U12t. Which is to say that if you used EQ to equalize the frequency response for both IEMs, the U18t would have the superior bass performance (and, indeed, superior performance across the board).

At the same time, coming straight off the U12t the U18t is going to seem somewhat bright and lean by comparison. Go the other way and the U12t sounds rather bassy and a somewhat dark.

If you have a good EQ capability, and don’t mind using it, you could approximate the FR of the U12t so you could gain the better technicalities of the U18t and retain the tonal profile of the U12t. I can’t say if that’s a good way for you to go, however.

Which Apex module are you using in your U12t?


Thanks again for your reply. I don’t use EQ at all, I like to listen to music as the producer/artist intended (or try to get as close as possible) even though some of the audio gear I own tend to color the sound. I use the M15 module because I find the M20 module narrowing everything down while significantly increasing the bass response, which is too much for my taste (as I get older lol). Now you made me want to try the U18t… This hobby is preventing me from becoming wealthy. Lol

Thanks again @Torq


Hi guys, yesterday was my 50th Birthday so with that in mind over the last couple of months I have been selling off some gear. Gear that I no longer used enough to justify keeping or gear that I didn’t use at all anymore. Long story short I have been after some 64 Audio iem’s for a long time now. I contacted my favourite headphone store you know the one, Headphone.com. And I am now the proud owner of the 64 Audio U18t IEM. I’ve only had them a little over a day so won’t give any impressions yet. I shall digest their audio goodness over the next month or so before putting up a review.


Congrats! And Happy Birthday!!!


Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!

I hope you enjoy those as much as I did! Looking forward to your impressions/review!!


Congratulations and Happy Birthday!


Thank you everybody. I had a great day with my family. I am really enjoying these iem’s. They’re everything I wanted, but I won’t get carried away at this early stage. Again thank you everyone for your good wishes.:grin::hugs:


Just a quick update regarding my impressions and review. Unfortunately I have been suffering with a Sinus infection for the last 3 1/2 weeks. This has somewhat put everything on hold. As you can imagine I’m not getting much in the way of quality from anything I stick in or on my ears at the moment. I am improving so hopefully I shall soon be able to get back to some serious listening. Have a great day everyone.


Sorry to hear and I hope you have a quick recovery!


Get well soon. I had one recently as well. 5 days of migraine level headaches and stuffy ears.


Thanks guys, Antibiotics are clearing it up.

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Has anyone seen Crinacle’s thread over on his reddit site. In it there’s an interesting article regarding plugin filters for the 64 Audio lineup (and others) similar to the APEX filters. DEC is the company here’s a link image https://cymbacavum.com/


Hi all, I shall post my review of the 64 Audio U18t in the next week. I am by no means a professional reviewer but I shall try my best.