A Single Focal Elex Earpad


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Did Vincent Van Gogh buy this?


I went to a restaurant once and ordered half a slice of dry toast and half a glass of water, then debated with the manager about why I shouldn’t be charged for a full slice of toast. Total bill: $0.62

True story.

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True story?

That sounds like somethjg out of a Woody Allen movie. There must be more to this story. And we must hear it!

I wasn’t hungry, and was meeting a friend. He was running late. The waitress asked if I was going to actually order any thing or just sit there, which I thought was rude. So, I was going to order a coffee, thought better of it, and ordered half a slice of toast just to piss her off. Then my friend showed up and ordered about everything on the menu, which seemed to make her very happy. I asked for a separate check. She charged me for a full order of toast, so I had words with the manager. Then we paid and left her a .50 cent tip, which she deserved.