About the Official Gear Tours category

Hello everyone! Demo Tours will be placed here under their own categories. These tours will be limited to 5-10 people at a time with a maximum of 3 days of having the item(this may change as necessary and up to Headphones.com discretion). We will request a deposit fee for shipping labels that everyone will pay upfront if they are selected for the tour. This fee will go towards the shipping cost and everyone will pay the same amount, even if you can hand the item off to the next person. This way it stays fair and shipping won’t have to be worried about. Labels will be sent to the person via email or direct message on the forum.

Participants that are selected will be asked to be aware of a couple of requirements.

  1. That you are aware that time will be limited, we are aiming for 2-3 days with each item for each participant (with some caveats.)

  2. When you receive the demo item please post first impressions, it doesn’t have to be extensive! short, and simple, maybe throw a quick phone picture together or a proper camera picture if able, but pictures are not required. Once you have had some time with it please post a final impression or review in the forum. If you post in other locations just be sure to identify where you received the item and that it is from our demo tour. You don’t have to be a reviewer, nor does the posts have to be in-depth, just a short impression will suffice. But, of course, more in-depth write-ups will be appreciated. Just make sure you post your honest opinion, no hurt feelings here… just be respectful about it, and constructive.

Written impressions/reviews: these don’t have to be full review/impression write-ups, but at least a thorough “my thoughts” on the item, of at least a paragraph, or more. It would be appreciated if these write-ups will be posted within a week of having the tour item.

Pictures are not required but would be appreciated and “may” get posted to Headphones IG, and Main page review section, but only with the permission of the photographer’s written consent to this. We will ask your permission before posting any written or photo content to other platforms.

Selection of members-

It is up to the Headphones.com owners and team who will be selected for these tours. If the item requires specific hardware (AMPs, DAPs, Ear tips, etc) this will be a factor on who is selected, depending on if they have the required hardware to properly power, or use said tour item.

Selection will also be limited to active members on the forum. We will review each requester’s profile to join a tour, for active participation and quality posts to help us determine who will be selected for the tours.

This is a privilege to members, not a right, please do not reach out to headphones.com via live chat or email. The appropriate communication is via DM on the forum or inline comments on the specific forum threads. The moderators and tour organizers are also appropriate points of contact.

Still, wanting to take part? Follow the instructions below!

If you are interested to take part in the tours, then please put your details in the tour category questionnaire you would like to take part in, this will be a link in each individual tour thread. Things we will need from members wanting to join a tour are:

Regarding location currently, we will only be considering members located in North America.

Location: city, state, country

We need this information so we can arrange the tour efficiently. Also, please include your current DAC, amp, and headphones, you will be pairing the demo gear with and comparing against.

As a final reminder, we will determine members that will be offered to take part in the tour, what order members are offered, and the length of demo time. We will try to give priority to members with high participation and are known to provide good content to the forum. Members chosen will be notified via direct message via the forum, if we do not receive a timely response, we will move onto other members to fill the slots available. If for any reason you are unable to take part when we contact you, or before your allotted time with the demo, you can ask to delay/move to the back of the queue or swap time frames with another member. If you do not post an impression/review we will note it down and you will probably not be added to future tours.

Good practices: before shipping to the next member take pictures of the item to show the condition of the demo unit. That way everyone knows it was in good condition prior to departing your care. This also helps when shipping services decide to play dodgeball with the package!

Cheers! And, Thank you for participating in the forum and these tours!