Abyss Diana V2

$2300.00 (will accept offers)
US $$
Ships ONLY to: US
Shipping: Flat $50 (will include insurance)
Paypal: Fees covered by me

Thanks for reviewing my sale. I purchased these used from Head-Fi. They come with the original Diana v2 pads. However, I was lucky enough to also get a pair of “DMS modded pads.” These pads are well known in the Abyss world and are much loved for the Diana. I also have a pair of Diana Phi pads as well. They are in mint condition. I’m selling them because I want to fund my Audeze LCD-5 purchase.

That’s 3 sets of pads in mint condition along with the mint condition headphone.

What comes with the purchase:

• Original box
• Original canvas case
• Original cables
• 3 sets of pads (Diana v2, Diana Phi, DMS Modded)
• Headband pad (removable) - see pictures
• NOTE: Stand is NOT included in the sale
• NOTE: Shipping is a flat $50. I will cover the paypal fees.

Insurance will be included in the shipping costs.