Airpods Max - How is this Possible?

Scam? Refurb? I tried the phone 401-644-2516 and it went to an unidentified answering machine.
Airpods Max at $126.99 ???

Would appreciate thoughts before I try something stupid like ordering.

I’m home alone, and was thinking about visiting the Apple store when I saw this.
They don’t google as a scam site.


Hmmm - 4 people followed the link in half an hour. I got one heart - possibly @frkasper bought a pair? I’m still looking for thoughts that say “too good to be true” before I buy.

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Too good to be true.

But if you buy some, let me know :wink:

(I never thought I would say “too good” when speaking about an apple product)

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I decided to buy with PayPal. That way I have some protection. $10 shipping, so it ain’t Amazon Prime. (or it was like mid pandemic surge Amazon Prime).
Even if it’s a refurb, that’s a great price.


haha. Nope. Opened in an incognito window and hit purchase with PayPal. But did not finish.

You did it. :smiley:

It looks like an Apple/Beats overstock vendor, but the prices do indeed raise red flags.

The contact address (Contact Us – Top Headphones Official Online Store Of This Year – The Top 5 Headphones) is:

130 Anita Drive Pittsfield, Pittsfield, MA, 01201, US
Email Address:
Phone: 4016442516

This is a 1973 suburban house with various residents listed, but could be just the front end for a pure web business:,Pittsfield-MA


Yes, that’s what it seems like to me also. An overstock vendor. Prices on the regular earbuds or Beats did not seem out of range, only the Airpods Max looked crazy. I was sitting by the air conditioner and thinking how I don’t have any closed backs. I figure it’s only a Franklin and a quarter, and PayPal can intervene if it turns out to be a scam.

I also checked the address, also thought online only business. Apple - centric. Their web page is flawless on Safari, but the overlay is annoying on Edge. 401 is the area code for Rhode Island.

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Google street view shows that the residents are patriots with green thumbs - or at least they were when google surveilled them. There’s a nice garden feature with a flagpole and Old Glory proudly on display. They keep a nice, neat front yard, with plenty of flowers, neatly trimmed bushes, and a well-mowed (or mown) lawn; look carefully and you can see someone on a lawnmower. My hunch is that the mower of the lawn needed good, isolating closed backs and opted for the Airpods Max.


I had the misfortune to buy a pair of FAKE Airpods Max earlier this month on eBay. Price was $395 for “new.” In fact on the face of it, the HPs were dead ringers, but there was no serial number on the inner earpiece, they could not be factory reset, the ‘action’ on the Digital Crown was overwhelmingly rough. I put up a stink on eBay and got a full refund.

If it seems too good to be true …


Did it as well, let’s see what happens :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Exerpted from Service at Paypal message…

Details about your shipment

Transaction ID : 5RG09973TW104273P

宽城区二歌商贸店 added shipping details. Please note that the tracking information and shipping status are shown exactly as the seller entered them.

Shipper USPS

Tracking number 9200190288589415546082
Shipping status Shipped

If you have questions about the shipment, please contact



Shipping address

@pennstac hid this part…
Description Unit price Qty Amount

Item Name: AirPods Max - Sky Blue
Item# MGYH3AM-103 $126.99 USD 1 $126.99 USD

Subtotal $126.99 USD

Shipping and handling $10.00 USD
Insurance $0.00 USD
Tax $0.00 USD
Total $136.99 USD
Payment $136.99 USD

Anybody read Chinese?

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DuckDuckGo / Google Translate: “Wide City two song trade shop”

OR: “Kuancheng Erge Commercial Store”

Both kind of sort of make sense…maybe…?


Chinese counterfeit reseller

That is my bet too. E b a y used to have a slew of counterfeits, all with prices too good to be true. They fooled me once with a real photo, but shipped an obviously fake product. When I returned it the US seller whined and mentioned “many happy customers with positive reviews.” My guess is that counterfeit sellers have enlisted small US partners in obscure locations to work around big online site enforcement efforts.

Sometimes but not all the seller is just a middleman placing the order on your behalf and skimming profit off the top. A way to tell is if the unit gets shipped out of Shanghai, Suzhou or Wuhan, big shipping points for counterfeit goods. They can sometimes get these direct or through Ali B a B a. I have been to Shanghai and have seen it first hand. Aisle after aisle of shops selling off goods of various quality. Some are from the same factory making the real thing but may be B stock or they are flat out copies. All depends on the source. When Beats were a big thing I used to get the knock offs cheap in China for friends but they inevitably broke or never lasted long. Like others have said, if it’s to good to be true…

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Buying refurbished from a major vendor (Apple, Best Buy) is usually a good deal. Apples’ refurbished are equivalent to new. Any place else is a risk. Have heard too many stories about people getting ripped off.

They are now getting discounted, the latest was $100 off at Best Buy and Amazon. I am somewhat curious what interests you in the AirPods Max. Sound isn’t that great, but easy of use with Apple products and noise cancelling are fantastic.

I’ll probably go with the box down to the Apple store if they want to check/take action if it’s counterfeit. Just wanted something closed-back for when I’m near the AC. Plus it has ANR, so that may help with the AC, crickets, and cicadas. And I use an iPhone. I was looking for something in the $200 range. Yes, I shop the Apple Refurb site.

Interesting about discounts in general. No bike shop discounts Garmin’s Edge 1030 Plus. Walmart has had it for $100 off for some time. I guess even Garmin doesn’t want to cross Walmart.

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They came today. Not even trying to be counterfeit. Just a cheap knock-off. Modelo: PG-01 Wireless. No Apple Logo. Cheap packaging. These are going right back.


Booo. Sorry to hear it. I hope you get refunded.

Not surprised. Extra characters here

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