Audeze LCD-X Open-Back Planar Headphone - Official Thread

Hi guys.
So I tried every suggestion here for 2021 LCD-X and I found that I preferred Resolve’s V2 EQ curve the most. I’m sharing my own variant for Voxengo’s free Linear EQ curve. If you try it out, let me know what you think!


Thanks. If that’s the raw measurement, then there’s zero ear-gain in that headphone. Due to that, I think that’s actually a compensated graph based on Audeze’s tuning. It’s still quite useful and relevant, but not to be confused with the raw graph, which should have some sort of ear gain around 3KHz. I think @Resolve, @Grover or @metal571 could confirm.

I am glad to hear Audeze is updating their measurement rig. Very cool!

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thanks for sharing this!

That looks like a compensated Graph to me, the ones that were issued to customers were done on a KU100 Neuman dummy head, at least as far as I know. I’m not sure if it was compensated for the wonky FR of the KU100, but the graphs that came out of it generally seemed readable and broadly usable, though highly smoothed. Hope that helps.


Thank you sir - much appreciated!

It’s their QC Neumann KU100, which does not comply to any standards of being a measurement system. It’s a binaural microphone, and I have no idea what the compensation is, so not terribly useful.


Does anyone use Audeze’s Reveal+ or just their own preferred eq curve? Thanks

I use it.

As well as the equivalent Audeze presets in Roon.

If you just want the basic “EQ” aspects of what it does, and not the custom HRTF capability etc, then you can use the free “legacy” version.

It’s easier to use and more precise than manually EQ’ing some of the models. If going for overall technical performance, I found Reveal+ got the LCD-4 closer to perfect than I could with basic parametric EQ.

Thansk Torq

Unfortunately, Reveal / Reveal+ still havent been updated for the 2021 LCD-X - that’s what I’m waiting for.