Audeze Special Edition iSine LX

Just got an email on these… don’t have any idea how they sound…never had any iSines but Ultraviolet made me think of @DarthPool . Some cool color choices. I like the blue a lot. Might be worth a whirl for the price ??


Damn… the blue is sold out already!! Just got the email like 20 minutes ago wtf? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

There is a box on its way to me. Not blue. Black was also sold out.

Dang it, @hazi59 did you buy all the red ones?

(I don’t need them but kinda want the red)

Yeah, I got the Sargasso Sea … lol. Not really sure what color that is :thinking: Wanted Nebula blue

Me too, but Sargasso Sea is now sold out too! It seems to be a midnight green/gray/blue? I guess they had 2 of each color?!?!?

Looks like they’re all sold out now🥺 Was going to pick up another color. Have to be quicker I guess

As the sales period lasts until Feb 15, they may be rationing them over time. A few now, a few later, a few tomorrow, a few next week? Hopefully.

I got a set of Purple on order :wink: