B&K 5128 Target - Community Input Thread

I’d be interested in a Moondrop Void EQ profile.

og focal clear please


@Resolve I’ve been experimenting with adding additional tilt through EQ and I find that +2dB sounds pretty right to me. Not surprisingly I can reduce my prefered setting for the 3khz filter to -1dB and remove the LS 80hz +3dB I added. Increasing to +3dB tilt goes too far though.

Today I watched the recent DMS review of the LCD 2 and LCD 3 where he mentions that the compensated measurements are based on diffuse field with a 10dB slope. And you state that these 5128 EQ profiles are based on an 8dB tilt. Does that mean you have revised the amount of slope in your compensated measurements or am I confusing two related but not identical concepts?

We’re testing a few different slopes for default, one of them is 10dB yeah. So what you’re suggesting is a good fit with that.

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Thanks for confirming my understanding. You know my vote FWIW. :sunglasses:

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+1 for hifiman he6se v2, I would also love an eq for that one

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+1 for Focal Clear OG and Ananda OG

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