Benchmark headphones

It’s better to choose brand over model when it comes to being able to demo headphones. I’d choose ZMF, Sennheiser, Audeze, and Focal in that order.

You may also not like some TOTL cans. I was a bigger fan of the Clear compared to the Utopia for example. And when it came to ZMF, I liked the more romantic Aeolus and Atticus over the Verite.

You also need to factor in synergy. I’m linking a very good thread of replies by Tacos here who is one of the most informative people I’ve come across on these forums. This is my inner fanboy coming out, but if you like natural, organic tunings, it is hard to go back after hearing a ZMF with any kind of tube amp. I’ve only heard hybrids, too! Take into account my bias for them is really strong. Happy shopping!