Best Value Headphone

Ouch, those look like even bigger “treble eaters” than my simple flat leather ones. Looking at those, I’m not ready to bet you’ve ever heard the maximum treble detail these are capable of. :slight_smile:

On mine I may have made things a bit worse for treble energy by lining their inner wall with cable-organizer fabric tape, but I wanted to get rid of what seemed to be comb filtering in the first listening test after they arrived. I assumed the “flat empty walls” were doing the same thing they do for speaker sound in listening rooms, but now that so much ‘air’ is gone I’m no longer sure if I want to keep using them this way. I’ll either look for something wrinkled(?) to reproduce the original surface of the 950-style pads (which was what I got with my 95X from the eBay guy for whatever reason), or I’ll have to up the budget yet again *sigh* and buy some other thinner wrinkly pair that imitates the originals as closely as possible.

Same, most of the time, except when they warm up just right or just enough (still investigating what that means) - then they suddenly have punch and can put an ear-to-ear smile on my face.

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Maybe but the stock 95X pads are velour so quite the opposite vs stock. I’d be interested in trying something closer to the 950 stock pads if you find it though.

Got the magic again today. So based on their behavior for the last month or so, they seem to need 10+ hours of cumulative playback since the last plug-in, before they get surprisingly realistic/holographic and develop satisfying punch (within expectations for an open-back).

One other thing I need to check - the latest couple of warm-up sessions have been at the highest volume I’ve ever used (I’d never turn them up this loud while wearing them, i.e. something like 60% digital volume and 60-ish% on the energizer knob). I’ll unpower them for a few days, then in the next power cycle I’ll have to try the first 2-3 hours of warm-up at this high volume and see if I can skip ahead straight to the ‘magic’ performance.

Wrt. EQ, I still haven’t developed a personalized “Griesinger tuning” but I found I get better treble with Crinacle’s 95X correction from Neutron Player’s “Frequency Response Correction” options. Was using Oratory’s before, but with the new pads Crinacle’s sounds a tad better to me.

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