Burson FUN headphone amp

I just wanted to start a thread about my newest toy, the Burson FUN - Classic.

The Classic part of this model name refers to the opamp. Burson is unusual in that they encourage you to open up your amp and change the opamps to get different sound signatures. They even make various opamps you can use. For the FUN, they sell three versions:

  1. The FUN with stock opamps
  2. The FUN Classic with the Classic opamps
  3. The FUN Vivid’s with the Vivid opamps.

Retail on the FUN Class was $399.00 in US funds, but recently a company called Part Connexion was selling the two upgraded amps for half price.

The Class is is an Amazing amp. I got off to a rocky start with technical (connectivity) problems. They quickly sent me a replacement unit and all is audio bliss.

First up was the Grado GH2’s. These had been languishing recently as a recent purchase had pushed them out of #1 status. But this amp put them back on top! They just sound full, clear and have authoritative base when required. I actually wore these headphones for seven straight hours (a new personal record).

Next up was the newcomer to my collection the T5p.2’s (bought used). They had become my favourite overall headphones out of my DAP. They sound really good out of the amp, but they weren’t transformed like the Grado’s. Still my favourite closed backs. But there is nothing like a great open back, properly driven.

Third on my list was the HiFiman HE4XX’s from MassDrop. This have been sliding down my list and I wondered if the FUN would give them new life. They sound very nice, but I think they will leaving my collection soon.

My source is a Sony DAP (NW-ZX300). I like rock, some pop and horn jazz. My files are a mix of ALAC, AAC and MP3.

Overall this is a great amp, especially if you are lucky enough to find it on sale.

I definitely plan to buy some opamps (Burson Vivid’s, Sparko’s, etc.) and play around as time goes on. Opamps are a lot cheaper to collect than amps😁



Massdrop sometimes has Burson opamps on sale. They just did the V5, and recently the V5i. They have an open poll of people asking for the V6.

I’ve never heard any of them, but you might want to keep an eye on Massdrop for them. Some others are up for a vote also.

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Thanks. I was looking for a poll like that. I noticed when they had the V5’s on.


Hello Shane…glad you like the Burson Fun, I have one as well from Burson for review and experience, I tried the stock op amps, the Classics and Vivids and the Sparkos SS3601’s all are great but I have my preferences.

If I get some more time I will add more detail on this neat amp!