Cable Upgrade for ZMF Auteur


Regarding adapters, whoever you buy the cable from should be able to make you adapters. I had my cables terminated in mini-xlr and then bought adapters (also known as ‘pigtails’) from mini-xlr to either the Focal or RAD-0 connector. These adapters are just very short lengths of cable. If they’re not listed on the company’s website, try emailing them and see if they’ll make them at a nominal cost. Both Arctic and Double Helix di this for me, and I believe Forza and Norne also do this.

Here are some Forza Noir Hybrid reviews I found.

In the 6 moons interview, they talk about why they prefer their hybrid cable to a pure silver cable, which I thought was interesting.


Hello again Dave,

Thanks for your reply. The Headfonia website has an ad that keeps overlaying
the left side of their page and obscuring the write-up. I don’t know how to
get rid of this hassle. I’ve seen it several times there in the past and so
have stopped going to Headfonia–too bad, it used to be a helpful place.
Anyway, I struggled to read the parts of their review that are visible and
finally think I got the gist of their message, that the Forza Hybrid is a
good cable. Anyway, thanks for the links.

Thanks too for the info on adapters. Also for your thoughts on copper +
silver…I’m convinced now that’s what I want.

I really appreciate your help.


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I usually don’t care for silver cables, based on the sound (though now & then it works well). My preference is TOTL copper. In that connection, I can strongly recommend:

  • ForzaAudioWorks Noir HCP MKII: I have the 2M & 2.5M length balanced cables for ZMF/Audeze headphones. Excellent sound & physical qualities (pliable, comfortable, non-microphonic). Affordable, as these things go…

  • Norne Audio Drausk: I got mine with transparent coverings (not wrapped) which is rather striking in appearance. Everything I said about Forza cable applies here. The sound may be a tiny bit better (pretty hard to be sure). The price is 30%-40% higher, but worth it.

At one time I had the even more expensive Danacables Lazuli, which I can’t recommend. The sound was great, no problem there; but the cable was kind of a drag, physically–it tended to kink, wasn’t pliable, and was very microphonic.

I have a ZMF silver cable of some kind (have no idea what model name it is). It sounds quite good on certain amps w/my blackwood Aeolus/perforated suede universe pads.


Whats the turn around time for the ForzaAudioWorks cables? Do they have them usually in stock and ship shortly after? or are they made to order taking 5 to 6 weeks?

I got my first cable (the Noir HPC MkII) in about a week to 10 days, delivered by DHL here to Arizona. Ordered the Noir Hybrid just this weekend and have no feedback yet on its build or delivery. Looking at the FAW website just a few minutes ago, both of the Noir cables are shown as having 6-10 units in stock. From there, they have to add connectors and termination as well as the desired length. Overall, from what I’ve experienced or read, they deliver fairly quickly, in days or a couple of weeks.

In a related vein, I’m thinking of getting either a Noir HPC MkII or a Noir Hybrid for both my Focal Clear and MassDrop Ether CX. Haven’t been able to find much here at our forum or on the internet as to which cable might go best with those headphones. Any thoughts?

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