Cayin, the public/Hi-Fi face of Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd, is probably best known among personal audio enthusiasts for their “i-Series” DACs and headphone amplifiers and their “N-series” digital audio players (DAPs); though they actually produce everything from CD players, tube-power amplifiers and speakers as well.

Their history in personal audio begins around 2013, but the company, and its audio products, dates back to 1993, and covers both the solid-state and tube-worlds. Something they’ve carried forward even into their portable gear.

This is the spot to discuss the Cayin brand …


I must say that since we got it in the Cayin HA-1A MK2 has not left my desk (it did for a couple of hours but found it’s way back very fast). It’s just an absolutely gorgeous unit to look at and I have been having fun with it even just running the Macbook Pro —> iFi Audio Micro iDSD Black Label —> Cayin HA-1A MK2 —> to whatever headphones I am feeling that day. I’ve run the set-up with the Focal line-up (Utopia, Elear, Stellia, Clear), D8000, Sundara, and more. My favourite combo by far with the tube amp is with the D8000. It’s ridiculously smooth with a touch of added warmth which I am really enjoying.


It really is a great looking unit … especially if you like warm woods and tube-glow. I’m not sure there is an amp out there, short of the flagship stuff, that exhibits as much obvious tube-glow as this thing.

It’s something I could almost have around for aesthetics alone …

On top of which, the brief time I got to listen to @DarthPool’s, it had a very clear presentation and a sweetness to its tone that was quite beguiling. That it was making my least favorite brand of headphone sound enjoyable was icing on the cake!


…and the Dharmas to boot ! ( I’m already bias positive as to the brand Cayin ( own a Tri-Stack ) by them :slight_smile:


That’s a beautiful piece of gear.

I had owned the Cayin N3 at one point. It was a nice entry level DAP that just flat out worked well despite being relatively simple.

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Cayin seems underrated to me. I’m loving their IHA-6 Solid State amp. Still on the lookout for a decent DAC to pair it with. The single ended outputs are garbage and make no sense, but the balanced output is superb, rivaling amps that cost twice as much.


This HP amp is very handsome, eye-grabbing, with great sound. I heard it several times at CanJams & liked it a lot.

My only quibble w/it is bass. On headphones I was pretty familiar with, such as the Empyrean & Eikon, there clearly was less sub-bass, and overall bass level/impact was somewhat lower than other amps.

If not for that, I might be all over this.


If it didn’t weigh a ton, and I didn’t have spikes on it, I would take it to more places for people to hear. I really enjoy it! Also it is extremely aesthetically pleasing.

In my current setup: Headphones Battlestations

I put together a custom Purple Heart wood shelf that the Cayin, BHC, and Record player are sitting on.


I’ve the whole Cayin iDAC-6, Cayin iHA-6, Cayin iDAP-6 stack and couldn’t be happier… there’s now an updated newer DAC out apparently…


That sounds exciting! I’ll have to look into it.

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