Cheapest / no cost improvement to your system


Exactly. I thought it was a good product, but it (like many other things here) is highly subjective. Download the trial and try it for yourself before deciding if it is for you.


Very true, I am apparently unique in that I never disliked the HD700 nor the HD800, I went ahead and modded them both anyways. I did like the technology that True-fi created and the time and effort that they put into each individual headphone. I will probably revisit it again in the future, but I think like my whiskey, I like my headphones “neat” maybe with a lil bit of water to really let them shine :wink:


Would not recommend adding water to your headphones… :smirk:


Ha, yeah I guess that was a bad analogy…but I stand by it!!! But seriously folks don’t add water to your headphones… “water” was referencing mods to headphones, I take no responsibility if you put water on your headphones and say “well Darthpool said!” lol


And we all know what William Claude Dukenfield used to say about water.


Assuming my ears to be a part of my “system”, heading over to the ENT to get my ears professionally cleaned out once a year. Makes a difference for me! Actually, it is a strange sensation to listen to music after this procedure and take a while for my brain to get acclimated to the newfound clarity.

Of course only cheap if you have decent insurance. So YMMV.


When I close my eyes and can just focus on the music entirely, that is the greatest upgrade. 90% of my listening time is while doing something or paying attention to something else. Sitting down in a comfy chair with a pair of headphones that are appropriate for my mood, for a good hour uninterrupted by my kids or wife or work, is a luxury that I hope I never go without.


I second the Phase Reversal Trick. It really helped the bass out on my HD650s.


A decent glass of red wine and a GF that loves to listen to the same tunes as me.

Adding dynamat to the cups of Grado cans and some cheap G-pads from ebay
Sorbothane to the cups of HE400 and a more open grill

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The cheapest and no cost improvement to my system has been Equalizer APO. You can download it from various places on the internet (SourceForge, FileHippo, etc.). It’s an EQ as the name implies, totally free and open source. You may want a GUI for it, and the one I’m using is called: Peace Equalizer, interface Equalizer APO. It’s a simple plugin, just follow the installer instructions.

Not posting links to SourceForge, not sure how couth that would be but a quick google search will return back useful results. There are some youtube tutorials out there for it but I found just playing with it for a while, I was able to figure it out pretty easily.

On the note of EQ, I am starting my trial of True-fi today, so we’ll see how that goes.


I’ve been wondering about doing this, as I have seen over the last year or so that my hearing has become a little more…muddied? I’ll go have a look at an audiologist.


If you have decent insurance, I would recommend an ENT as they may be able to determine any hearing issues you may be having outside of a good cleaning, and prescribe medications if necessary (i.e. steroidal ear drops, etc). Also, if like my ENT, they may be able to perform a hearing test onsite in the same visit.


You missed the point. I have top of the line hearing aids and I love them. I have a very good home stereo system with Golden Ear speakers and I much prefer listening to music with the hearing aids since I’ve lost significant middle to high frequency hearing. I haven’t tried them with my over ear HiFiMan headphones yet. I’m interested in audiophiles who have hearing aids and any headphone use. I also would love to see an equalizer that could be programmed with my hearing correction curve and that I could put in the audio chain ahead of the headphones. Then I could listen to music without my hearing aids. Also I would think that high end headphones would do a better job of reproducing my hearing correction than even good headphones. I would like a specific topic forum opn hearing aids and headphones. My Oticon OPN hearing aids do act as headphones and the sound is accurate but not loud enough when I play something through them.

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You lost me. What point did I miss? Did you reply to my post by mistake?


Totally agree with this. Attention hacking has become a major challenge for enjoyment these days. As a culture, we seem to be moving away from the joy of focusing on and enjoying one thing in favor of hyper optimizing our time.

Some of my happiest times recently have come from exactly what you said. A good pair of headphones, a comfy chair, and some great music. If what we are trying to improve is our final joy of this hobby, then dedicating time to enjoy it would be the best improvement that we can make.

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Brilliant. Tell me more.


The best improvement to musical enjoyment is to participate, not just listen.


If you have the specifics of that curve (i.e. a plot/data from your audiologist) then it’d be straightforward enough to replicate it in any decent EQ tool, provided it permits enough bands/parameters. The good ones all will though … some of them are capable of handling hundreds of specific parameters for dozens of channels, all with studio-grade transparency.

It might take an afternoon to get it perfectly dialed in, but doing so isn’t hard.

If you’re looking for something that can simply take the calibration data for your hearing aids and ingest/utilize it I suspect you’re out of luck.


I guess it was inevitable that someone more industrious than I am would experiment with this.

I’ve worn 3M EAR foam plugs for hours a night for years and always wondered why some smart person hadn’t adapted them as ear plugs.
After awhile you hardly notice them and they go as deep into the ear canal as you want them to then expand, almost taking the shape of the canal on a custom mold.

I wondered about the opening and always imagined using one of the thin tubes that comes with a a can of compressed air but thought it mould be too stiff. Thin aquarium tubing sounds doable.

I sold my monster coppers before having a chance to experiment but am happy to hear someone tried it and was able to make it work.

Good job; (I may have to get some universal IEMS to try with the new portable DAC/AMP I’m getting :wink:


I love crossfeed! Occasionally I’ll turn it off on orchestral music just because I enjoy the unnaturally wide sound on those, but for most music I find crossfeed almost indispensable.