Chord Hugo TT 2

The problem was in the signal from mac book pro via usb.
I got a usb interface (Matrix Audio x-spdif 2), and run usb from mac into it, and optically out to TT 2.
Not only are the problems I had gone, but the sound is markedly improved.
Considering replacing mac with external nuc (roon core) and a network bridge, e.g. SOtM sms-200 neo or something similar. Bits arent bits anyway i guess.

Fresh from the horses mouth. 18W rear balanced output designed for hard to drive headphones, not for speakers. If running speakers off it, or needing the 18W to do so, it’ll thermal trip. Use the 7W output, either the RCA or the Pin 1& 2 of the XLR for speakers.

You asked how to do it, not it if it was a good idea. Nor if it would work with low efficiency speakers.

But 18W into 8 ohms is 18W into 8 ohms.

There is nothing special about headphones vs speakers that changes that. The fact that headphones aren’t likely to draw that much for a sustained period (likely never) doesn’t change the fact that if they do, it is still going to trip the thermal protection.

So it’s probably a peak output figure, meaning while it can hit that level of output it cannot sustain it. In other words, marketing games.


Most certainly. But it was advertised as that power output, and capable of driving speakers. But then those reporting it shuts down or fries itself.

So I asked him direct and that was the response.

Do you folks keep your TT2 powered on at all times, or power up when using? My HMS is on at all times (no power button), but I turn the TT2 on and off as needed. Would be fine keeping always on (on standby) if it didn’t harm the unit.

I just put mine into standby when I’m done listening for a while. Rob Watts provides a little more info here, see point 3.

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Thats weird, he definitely recommended it with speakers early on in the days of the HTT2 thread on Head-Fi.