CLOSED: Meridian Explorer 2 (USB full MQA DAC/amp) ($75)

Price: $75
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Meridian Explorer 2 (DAC/amp) - $75 (unit, pouch and cable only, no box).

The Meridian Explorer 2 supports FULL hardware MQA decoding and has separate dedicated line-out and headphone out sockets.

Price include PayPal fees and shipping.

Original Item List

These items have been sold:

  • AudioQuest Dragonfly Red (DAC/amp) - $125 (unit, pouch, cap only, no box)
  • Topping D30 (DAC) - $85
  • Topping D50 (DAC) - $180

I had forgotten this was listed, and it never sold, and since then is something I decided to keep for the hell of it.