Closed: Raal Requisite SR1a and Schiit Jotunheim R $2800

I had this up for sale in June but took it down to keep and have been enjoying, but now with some new cans out there I want to try, here it is again. I love the Raal and you can find lots of info here about them.

Excellent condition SR1a, Jotunheim R (with multi-bit DAC).

Both purchased directly from the manufacturers.

The SR1a show some signs of use only on the suede pad covers. Includes stock cable and original hard case. I forgot to photograph the case, it is the very rugged black hard case with a cut out for the Raal speaker interface box. The case does NOT have a cut out for the JotR.

The Jot R was a B stock purchase from Schiit and has some blemishes on the front face plate which I have pictured. This R has the installed multi-bit DAC. Includes original box. The blue dot is fingernail polish and can come off easily. I put that dot on all my Schiit gear so I can see where the volume is.

I am open to trading, in particular Focal Stellia/Utopia, LCD-4, those kinds of cans. Possibly also an Yggy.

Please direct message me any interest. Venmo or PayPal F&F, no fees, I’ll pay FedEx Ground.

Thank you.



Don’t see an associate price?

Sorry in the title, $2800

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I’m slapping my forehead

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Happens to the best of us!

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An expert in taking pics of gear for sales ad right here, good luck on unloading this!


Thanks man! Helps to have a soft box and a flash…


Is it possible to buy w.o. the Shiit?
Thank you for the feedback…

Hi @Hrklg01 I’d consider that, I’ll PM you.