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Thanks for the tip Martin, the problem is that I was on my phone and the accounts I have on my phone are work related and not the accounts I use for Youtube.

As the phone automatically switches to the Youtube app when playing a video, it will only let you use the Google accounts that are installed on your phone, at least I haven’t found any way around it (Android)

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oh I see - sorry if it looked like I would have thought you are not able to login, becaue of not knowing how.

so another pointless comment and no help.

thank you for makin it clear

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Not at all, your comment is certainly helpful!


Short thought… If it is a security topic…
You can use a sandbox thing like Apptec360 provides for company phones

So the company and private Accounts are running without the one part drawing informations from the other.

Otherwise you can simply switch accounts in youtube.

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@Resolve made an account to ask you this. If you have time, you should compile a short list of top songs to test headphones against when shopping. You mentioned in your latest video that some songs really show off things like soundstage and what now. Maybe one song from each category. I know music is mainly perference based and what not, but this would help certainly!

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He’s already done at least one … in the existing thread called, oddly enough, “Songs to test headphones with” …


Beat me to it! Ha! Damn being slow on my iPhone this morning! I’m responding to your email later this morning … I was :rofl: reading it!

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Going live with the Hobbyists show “Sunday/Funday” we’ll be talking about the Stellia and DCA Aeon Flow Closed v2 and general tom foolery; we’ll be live at 1pm PST!


Awesome! Looking forward to it. :+1:t4:


Good show today folks. The other one yesterday with crinacle was really great too. I was not aware of his ranking system. It has a lot of good info.

@DEXCOM7, I noticed you’ve been curious about the HD6XX/650. Allow me to share you two reasons to stay away from it:

  1. You’re not a Sennheiser fan;
  2. You like a lot of bass.

Let us know if you change your mind though. :wink:

Cheers. :beers:



Thanks for sharing brother!


It depends. The 6XX can be pretty damn bassy. They have way more girth and weight out of an Asgard 3 + Modi Multibit compared to let’s say an Atom + OL DAC or CTH + SDAC. I’ve had experience with the TR-X00, Argon MK3, and Atticus. So I’m pretty confident in saying they can pull their weight quite well if you pair them right. No idea how they would sound on a Bottle Head Crack and Bifrost 2 like Darthpool has.


Just published my review of the HD 58X on YouTube. Check it out here:


@Currawong New video.

Topping D90 DAC - Official Thread


Hey everyone! We will be going live at 5pm PST today for another Hobbyist show talking about Audio setups/chains from entry to TOTL

also, we may have a surprise guest…schedule withstanding :wink:


Debuting at 5PM PST today.


bad timing…I have a show then too!!! =’( I promise I’m not trying to steal your guys thunder…it was just scheduling!!
I will catch it later this evening or tomorrow!!! =)

I will be live with Taron for an episode of Audiophiles Anonymous @5pm pst today!