Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 - Open & Closed - Official Discussion

When the Dan Clark Aeon 2 headphones came out late last year they were met with rave reviews. They were billed as a legend in the making, one of the best dollar-for-dollar buys in high-end headphones, and projected to be the best seller of all the great Dan Clark gear.

Shouldn’t we have a category for the $899 Aeon 2 planars?

I have the MrSpeakers/Dan Clark Mad Dogs, Alpha Prime and Ether CX. They’re all wonderful headphones and among my favorites. So I’m very interested in the Aeon 2’s and would like to hear from anyone who has experience with them.


As a prior customer make sure to register for Dan’s club membership. It’s free, and offers discounts on future products.


Thanks rrwwss52.

Just checked the Can Clark Audio website and, as a prior customer, I’m already enrolled in the Club. It gives me a 15% discount and the Aeon 2 are shown priced at $764.99.

FYI other HEADPHONE Community members, the website also shows that new customers will qualify for the Club and get a 10% discount.


Thanks The_Nongran. I also have the LCD 2 and agree that it has a great sound.

Have you also, by any chance, also heard the ZMF Aeolus…the other headphone highest on my list to buy?

Because, with the Dan Clark Club discount, the Aeon 2 is now down to $765 vs ZMF Aeolus $1200.

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From your prospective and in your opinion, always good to clarify that as they are very different headphones and some may greatly prefer one over the other depending on their given situation and preferences.


I have heard all 3, and listened to them all side by side A/B/C, what do you want to know @Leemore5745 ?


Wow. Thanks MRphotography.

I’m only interested in Aeon2 and Aeolus.

(1)How do they compare in what most people would call “musicality…being immersed in the music…consumed by the basic/overall sound, without being overly sidetracked or overpowered by the details…or what might be described as an upgrade in the sound of an HD650?”

(2)How do they compare in clarity/resolution?

(3)Anything else you think in particularly noteworthy about either headphone–good or bad?

Hope that’s not asking for too much. Thanks very much…Lee


They are both very enjoyable headphones and I own both. If I was only going to choose one it would be the ZMF Aeolus. It’s truly not a fair comparison though as the Aeon2C I have is the closed model. Now if one was going to compare Aeolus to the Aeon2 Flow that might be a more fair comparison with two competing technologies. I suspect I would still choose the ZMF Aeolus though. To me it is one of the most enjoyable all around headphones I have ever heard. The Aeolus is a definite upgrade to the 650/6XX which I still own as well.

For portable closed back I thoroughly enjoy the Aeon2C and is currently my only closed headphone (used to have the Elegia as well).

Detail on both headphones is very good. They definitely have different sounds as well. I tend to like them both as I lean towards warmer sounding headphones with a bit of sub bass boost and great mids. I am not heavy treble fan and don’t enjoy bright headphones. Neither of these headphones are overly bright while still appearing fast and detailed. I think if portability is a priority then it is a clear choice Aeon2. If you are at home listening only ZMF Aeolus.

Also you should ask yourself what amps/Dacs you will be pairing with the headphones as synergy could be a important consideration. Hopefully that helps some.


Also I would mention the Aeon 2 is the most comfortable over ear headphone I have ever worn! They are so good I can wear them for hours. I think there is an open box pair right now of the closed versions on this forum, message Taron about them if you’re interested!

The Aeolus are also very comfortable but the Aeon 2 is lighter and more comfortable for my head.

Also if you listen to a ton of classical or piano music you might want to look towards the Aeolus as the tuning on the Aeon2 is a bit warmer for some of those instruments and may not be as accurate for those instruments if you’re an “accuracy“ listener. For me I just go for what I enjoy, and both headphones are extremely enjoyable.


Thank you. That really helps a lot, especially re: are both very enjoyable…Aeolus is one of the most enjoyable all around headphones I have ever heard…Aeolus is a definite upgrade to the 650/6xx…detail on both headphones is very good…neither is overly bright while still fast and detailed.

From your third paragraph it appears our preferred sound is very similar, if not identical. Also, I don’t need portable and already have enough closed (Mad Dog, Alpha Prime and Ether CX).

So my interest in Aeon 2 is for the open version. Have you listened to it, heard or read anything about it, or otherwise have any thoughts or what the merits of the open version might be?

Re you comment on amps/DAC’s, I think I’m in good shape for these headphones, both planar and high impedance dynamic. (Have just about every mix and match combination for these amps–Senn hdv820, Woo WA6, Burson Soloist, Beyer A20 and Schiit Jotunheim, Lyr 2 and Valhalla 2…with these DAC’s–RME ADI, Marantz SACD Player, SMSU SU-8, and Schiit Bifrost Uber, Bifrost Multi-Bit, Modi MB and Modi 3.)

Thanks very much for your comments. There were right on for my questions and very, very helpful…Lee


Thanks again MR.

Although I listen to just about everything except rap, the last 7-8 years I’ve really gotten into classical. So your third paragraph comments help a lot and probably seal my decision to get the Aeolus, in part for the times when a bit of extra accuracy would be good for orchestral and chamber music.

But sometimes an extra bit of warmth is good too. So maybe I’ll have to get the Aeon 2 as well. First, because I already have the accuracy/resolution base covered (with the Senn 800S, 660S and 6XX, Beyer T1, T1S and 880, Dan Clark Ether CX and Alpha Prime, Clear, HE560, AKG 702 Annie, Grado 500i and Koss ESP 95x.) And second, because I really like warm sounding headphones (I have the Senn HD 567, 595, 598, 599, 58x and 650, Mad Dog, LCD 2 and Oppo PM1).

Like you, I “just go for what I enjoy.” And as you said, “both of these headphones are extremely enjoyable.” From your comments in this and the previous post it seems like Aeolus and Aeon 2 would suit me exceedingly well and probably be among my all-time favorites.

Sometimes I feel stupid for having too much audio gear, and also feel guilty because any money left over in my various budgets goes to additional charitable giving. But I really do love both music and sound. Plus, this year I could just bump up the charitable giving for any extra spending on new headphones. Food for thought…

But for now, MRphotography, your information has been exactly what I needed and was looking for. You have really helped me. So again thanks very much…Lee


@Leemore5745 so glad I could help! I really actually want to hear the Aeon 2 Flow as I have only heard the closed back version. If the open version expanded the soundstage and helped it sound a bit more airy with same warmth and sub bass boost it could be a great open back planar. If you end up getting it, let me know your thoughts!


Remember @Resolve did post a video on the Aeon 2 Closed Back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7oPUXvDg2s


I have definitely watched @Resolve ‘s awesome video, one of the reasons I bought them! I think @Leemore5745 was inquiring about the open version though, not sure we have much info on the open version @angstorms from reviewers anyways. I actually was searching YouTube for one. Maybe @Resolve can give us more insight on what the open back version has to offer our ears. There was a significant difference between the original open and closed Aeons.


I only had the Aeon X open, aka Aeon Flow with new pads. It is a good headphone once you get the right amp to power them.


How did that headphone compare to your other planars?

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Decided to pull them out again, RAD-0 is still my Favorite over these, they have better detail and dynamic, richer mid and treble region.


Drop also has a modified Aeon 1 (Aeon Open X), using the same pads as the Aeon 2. Certainly is a nice price.


It actually Aeon Flow with Aeon2 pad. that is the one I have. The Box even says Aeon Flow on it, when you receive it.

I put my up headphones up for sell with
Geshelli Labs LLC. (https://geshelli.com/) ARCHEL2.5 PRO amp as a bundle so you get the best out of them.


I saw those and was tempted. But the Aeon 2 is supposed to be a big jump in quality of sound and so I decided to pass.