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That wood upgrade is dope! I wish woo audio did that to all of their amps!

Is it 1st or 2nd generation WA6 (you can tell by the type of signal tubes it uses - the newer one uses 6DE7)?

I sold a 6 month old, perfect condition, WA6 1st generation w/ the same Sophia 274B Mesh (they’re actually punched-plate) rectifier, with shipping and PayPal fees included for $495 total.

Used, readily available new, tubes with no warranty, and without a good idea of how they test/how many hours they have on them, aren’t really worth more than half their new price at best. So, personally, I wouldn’t pay (nor ask) more than $100 for a used SE 274B mesh.

If the amp is a 1st gen, then it was a $699 piece new. A 2nd gen is $899 new. Figure 60% is the typical, reasonable, selling price for an item that is still available new, is used (and not literally like a month old) and not in perfect condition and/or lacks its original packaging (especially with heavy/dense gear). That’s either $420 or $540.

So that’s somewhere between $520 and $640 total.

The wood factor is going to be very personal. And whether it was a factory option (I don’t ever recall Woo offering that, but it’s possible I missed it) or after-market also has a big effect on how people think about things. I won’t personally buy anything that’s been modded by an owner at all, unless it’s someone whose work I know and trust.

If it’s a 2nd gen, and the buyer likes the wood, I could see it maybe being $800 with fees and shipping included. Can’t see it being more than that. If a 1st gen unit I’d imagine $600-$650, again with fees and shipping.

For reference, there’s a WA6-SE 2nd gen, currently posted for $700 (it’s a $1,299 unit new). So if someone is looking at a Woo WA6 type amp, you’re likely to be competing against that.

Hope that helps.


Yes it does. Thank you @Torq. I thought it might be high price, but it’s easier to come down than up.
I will verify the generation of the amp. I saw the retail was 899, figured 66% of that price and added 100 for the mesh upgrade and 100 for the wood finish, not knowing how much that cost.
That’s why I asked, just looking for a fair deal, not trying to rip off anyone in the community.


The wood cost isn’t high. The place below sells exotic wood project boards for $5 to $20. Now, retail price is another story. Converting a project board into the amp slabs requires a design template and then cutting out the pieces with a saw. Finishing comes next, with just modest sanding required. With standard craftsman markups, yeah I could see the retail cost of $100 as realistic. For someone who likes the look! It’s crucial to determine whether this was a factory option, or it may add $0.00 to the selling price.

Custom cars are famous for starting at, for example $20K, and then they get $50K added on. Then they sell for $20K. Reality with customization.

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I agree @generic. This is really a showpiece for someone’s desk.
I’ll do some more research and try to come up with a reasonable price using the feedback from you guys.
In the interim I’ll entertain offers if anyone is interested.


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