Eddie Current Aficionado

Price: 2195
Currency: USD
Ships to: North america

Tubes included: one pair EH 2a3, two we396a, one russian tube. Two rectifier tubes, one is old mullard 5ar4 and one shuguang 5ar4

Amplifier has feedback mod, so you can on/off feedback. Also has coupling caps, it is upgraded to a Jupiter 0.1uf copper foil capacitor(Jupiter Capacitor 0.1uF 600Vdc Copper Foil)

Price includes shipping and Paypal fees

Also selling the following items, will include discounts for bundles:
Audeze CRBN
Abyss Diana TC
Empire Ears EVO
UM MEST Indigo
Hifiman Arya Stealth


Interested in how the feedback switch sounds.
Which one was your favorite?

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It depends on the headphone/speaker. I prefer the feedback switch on for my utopia but off for my speakers. The feedback switch takes away some of the warmth, which is great for balancing out headphones like the Utopia imo

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