There are two equalizers that I need to have and I have no experience with eq on mobile devices so I am just going to ask you guys. First off my uncle needs an equalizer that can control individual channels (because of hearing loss in one ear) and also tweak audio in a decent quality (obviously) and also he has an Android btw. For me I just want to experiment with the best equalizer on an iPhone and i don’t need the multichannel thing because, well, I’m young lol. Thanks guys!

On iPhone, I use Equalizer. It can play music from your local Apple Music files (no DRM-protected stuff or streaming though). On Android, I use USB Audio Player Pro with the Toneboosters EQ plugin. I just checked, and it does let you apply different EQ to left and right channels. Specifically, it has 6 parametric EQ control points, and each point can be assigned either to all channels, or just the left or right channel.

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