Fidelice by Rupert Neve Designs

Recording industry legend Rupert Neve is launching a consumer oriented line for audio playback.

Lineup includes;





Really looking forward to this product lineup, as a very happy owner of two Rupert Neve RNHP headphone amplifiers(which I believe the Fidelice branded unit is the same, but in a different case).

The specs on the dac unit look very promising, plus the addition of A balanced headphone output. My only concern is the price point they’ll target.


looks cool - could sell this DAC to my wife for the living room
Rupert Neve what could be nicer in heritage

wonder how the dimensions are - looks like the DAC could fit nice on the THX AAA 789
the hf amp is 6.5” wide x 4.6” deep and 1.9” tall - will the DAC be the same? it looks a bit wider on the pictures

how is the DAC Chip implemantation? which AKM DAC Chips could be used…
the price will be premium over 500 or even 1000? -if so I would prefer the RME Adi 2 as known Benchmark with remote, the crossover functions, eq and display- while not very living room friendly in my wifes (strange) opinion :slight_smile:


It looks like the dac is quite a bit larger than the headphone amp, or phono pre amp.


According to this:

AKM 4497

My guess as for as price would be in the $3-5k range. It basically has all the functionality of a pre amp, and with Rupert Neve’s pedigree, they wouldn’t charge less than that. Really looking forward to reviews on this unit.
The Fidelice version of the RNHP (I own the original “pro” version), has bumped up the power a bit, which was the only negative that I can recall some people stating (and $500 for only being SE). I think it may have not been able to fully drive 300+ ohm headphones. I’ve never had any problems, but all of my headphones are lower impedance.


@andrew , @taronlissimore , any potential partnership with Fidelice? I absolutely love my RNHP and from what some who’ve listened to pre production samples, the dac is pretty fantastic.

3:11 mark.

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Yea oddly enough I have RHNP and it doesn’t run my HD 800 very well, but handles HD 600 and AKG K501 well?

More power with the same listed THD is a nice added feature

Ehh but the website has the new update listed with the same Tech Specs as the existing model?

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That’s odd. Everything said about the new amps are that they have more power. :thinking:

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We’ve got the DAC in our office right now! We’ve been talking to Rupert Neve Design for a while now and will be launching the DAC very soon!


Awesome! Now to save my pennies! :heart:


I’m listening to the Rupert Neve Fidelice DAC with the Final Audio D8000 Pro’s in the office right now.

The Fidelice is absolutely amazing.


I believe it. I’m listening to the Rupert Neve RNHP with my LCD-X, and I’m usually smiling. I honestly think that if more people listened to NEVE products they’d be blown away by the quality of sound. He’s a master of analog circuitry.
I’m certain with the new Fidelice line people will come around. I’m sure some of our founding members will be auditioning the dac, especially with your recommendation. Looking forward to hearing it myself.


I heard my first Rupert Neve product in Alex Rosson’s lab with an early RAD-0.

I was so blown away that I got in touch with Rupert Neve about carrying their amps. Now that they have a line that gives “permission” for non pros to use their gear I think they’re really going to take off in our circles.

@Resolve is picking this one up today to give some impressions. I’m reluctant to give it to him :wink:


I honestly think that the RNHP was in part a test for entrance into the consumer “hifi” market. Most of their larger boards have the amps built in, I believe.

For me, listening to music as close as possible to the studio recording is the ultimate experience (aside from live). Using an output designed by the same person who designed the recording equipment is as close as you can get.
It’s like Dave Grohl said, ‘Rupert Neve is a fucking genius”. :metal:t4:

That’s awesome @Resolve. Looking forward to his review.


I don’t suppose anyone has popped the case on a fidelice dac to peek at the internals yet? Couldn’t find anything on the interwebz. I’m curious why it’s bigger than a Yggy.


Here’s an example of the Rupert Neve Designs RNHP.


This one has a few components labeled.


Thanks for that. I’ve seen the insides of the rnhp a few times though.

Was specifically curious about the Fidelice DAC.


No problem. We’ll have to wait for more units to get out into the wild.

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I’m going to bet there’s a headphone amp stage, not unlike the one above. And then a separate, shielded, internal PSU enclosure/compartment including an nice transformer, and block for the front-panel, and then the main DAC board.


My money’s on @Torq ‘s assessment. :laughing:

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… but it doesn’t really cover the details, yes know?

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