Focal Clear, w/ Dakoni pads

**US Dollars
**Ships to: United States (continental)

60 days old

-Like new condition
-Never used original pads (using Dakoni pads)
-Headband wrap used since day 1
-Pristine Box with all cables
-Approx. 30 hours of listening

I also bought a JDS Labs EL 2 stack to use with them. I will sell both amp and dac for $400.

Will send photos via text. 831-818-1000 if interested.


Is this MG version? Any pics?

It’s the standard Clear, not mg

I can’t send my photos. Too large. Can you email me at or text me and I’ll send about 10 photos.


I would be in to grab these if you were up to ship to Spain. I can cover shipping costs as well.

I’m happy to ship to Spain. It might just be expensive.

Want me to find out how much?


That would be great! Thanks

Never doldrums anything on this forum. Do you paypal me?

Best price I got was $215.00 from FedEx for shipping.

Is this still available? Also, which dekoni pads?

I’m sending you a PM with some questions

Try usps, i shipped to Greece for a reasonable price