For Sale: 64 Audio U12T & Sony MDR-Z1R

Happy to post worldwide to anyone that has good feedback/trusted here.

Unsure on pricing on this items in your country, so may be worth it may not be.

64 Audio U12T - Looking for $1800 AUD (1400 USD) net to me after postage/fees
Sony MDR-Z1R - Looking for $1500 AUD (1160 USD) net to me after postage/fees

Last time I posted a MDR-Z1R to England it cost me $94 AUD (75 USD). Can obviously put on whatever item value to avoid customs/import fees etc.


Oh man, you’re killing me !!! That’s a great price on the U12T… wish I could. :pleading_face: glws, I’m sure they will go quick. Smokin’ deal !!


Dude. Dude. Dude…. I can’t. I want to but I can’t. I shouldn’t. I can’t.


Old Dynamic would have. Remember him?

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Old dynamic didn’t have the lsa hp-2 ultra. New dynamic has that. New dynamic is having a hard time finding something to improve on those.

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Awesome you’ve found something great!

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BuffaloWing had the LSA-1 for a while. BuffaloWing highly recommends U12T.

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The hp-1 planar? Why no longer?

Yeah. Very mid focussed and the rigid fit of the headband structure annoyed me

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Interesting. All the lsa’s have the same band. But, you can just bend it to get the structure you need. (having fit issues on my hp-2 ultra which this basically fixes).

hp-1’s and another forthcoming lsa headphone are high on my radar currently. What I really want is the hp-2 with the clarity of the cx (and yes, the u12t might not be far off from that. hence the comment above)


Hello what condition is the Z1R? I live in Sydney


Mint. Exceptional. Divine. 10/10 :smiley:

I’m on SNA too if you are.