[For Sale] Dan Clark Ether 2

Making a unique post for these as all other items from the previous post have sold and didn’t want to distract with all the images and other info.

Ether 2 Price: $1300
Ships to: USA
Shipping Fees: : I’ll be shipping this insured, and would would prefer to split the fees if possible. Can be discussed via DM if you’re interested in any of the items, as the shipping price will vary by item and shipping destination.

The Ether 2 were purchased second hand on Audiogon and do not include the stock cable, but do include a Wywires Red series XLR terminated cable and a set of suede and standard pads as extra, with the perforated pads already on the Ether 2. I am the second owner, and I can’t see any marks or blemishes on the Ether 2 either. The certificate of authenticity is in the box.



That’s a great price. If I hadn’t just looted my piggy bank to buy some headphones, I’d be mighty tempted by these. GLWS!