FS (2nd PRICE DROP): HiFiMan HE-400se and accessories

Price: Individual prices
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

- HiFiMan HE-400se. These planar-magnetic, open-back headphones were purchased new in March 2021. I have about 50-75 hours of listening on them. They’re in excellent condition and come with the original box, all product literature, 6.3-mm jack and the crappy original silver cable (sorry, that’s the one with which these came). Great entry-level planars that punch far above their weight in comfort and sound quality. $95, including CONUS shipping and PayPal fees.

- Audiophile Ninja balanced cables. These were purchased in April 2021 to use with the HE-400se above. Beautiful cables with 4.4-mm Pentaconn jack and two 3.5-mm cup jacks. These work beautifully with any amp or DAC-amp with balanced output, including the iFi hip-dac listed below. They will work with most HiFiMan and Focal headphones, too, due to the 3.5-mm cup jacks. Excellent condition. $40, including CONUS shipping and PayPal fees.

Please PM me with any questions, interest or offers. Willing to consider trades, too.


Bump for price drop. Thanks.

Updated with sale of hip-dac and second price drop to $95 on HE-400se headphones.