FS: Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back Headphones

Price: $625.00
Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental US

Gently used set of Audeze with 50 hours use. Comes with all original accessories including stock cable, USB manual, certificate of authenticity all packed in original box and shipped safely to you.

Note Red cable in picture IS NOT included


Are these Fazor or Pre-Fazored?

Good luck with the sale. :+1:t4:

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Same driver as the LCD 2 Classic, no fazors.


I got these new last year so I would say Fazored but not entirely sure. Is there a way to tell other than how they sound?

EDIT: from the Audeze website:

The best way to check for sure is to feel for the Fazors inside the earcup: if you feel a flat metal stator plate with openings in it under the mesh, your headphones have no Fazors; if you feel the tips of triangles, those are the Fazors themselves.

These have a flat plate under the mesh so no Fazors.