FS: Campfire Audio Solaris IEM

Price: $995
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

I’m selling my Solaris IEMs. They were purchased used and I’ve been trying them out for a couple of months. They appear to me in “as new” condition. And all the original packaging is intact. The leather carrying case has a couple of very small nicks or scuffs on it that aren’t really noticeable. These things sound AMAZING, the best headphone product I’ve ever owned, but I decided that I’m not an IEM guy. I’ll eat the Paypal fee if you’ll cover shipping. First time selling on this forum but I have a decade of good ratings on Audiogon.


I sent you a PM a couple hours ago :slight_smile: !

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I’m on a job sorry. Yes I’ll send photos when I’m back home tomorrow.

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Still looking for a buyer.

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Oh holy moley that’s a good deal! Bound to make someone happy haha.

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Ha! Yes I hope someone will jump on it. I’m really interested in picking up the Headphone or a used Utopia or Empyrean so need some bankroll!

Not sure how to edit prior posts to make this change, but I’m dropping the price to $895. Hit me up! :wink:

Hi, I’m interested in the Solaris. I happened to just start an account to ask questions about another topic, and happened to see your post. As I just started an account, I can’t PM you.

Great! Thanks! Maybe I can PM you.

SOLD. These are sold.