FS Custom 5 to 1 Passive Balanced Headphone Switch

Price: 375
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere

I built a balanced passive headphone switch. It uses a Greyhill 4 wafer switch and NOS Switchcraft XLRs. It is set up with female XLRs on both sides so that it can have headphones plugged in to either side. It lets you switch 5 amps into one headphone jack or one amp into 5 headphones. It will require custom jumpers between the amp/amps and the box which I am not selling at this time. It has a couple of minor blemishes in the ano which is annoying to me but it is what it is. One is on the front edge and is very minor. It shows up in the pics much more than in real life. The other is on the back top edge. It can’t really be seen from the front. It seems that there was a small pocket of a different alloy in the billet and that got etched differently during the ano process. That is one downside of aluminum recycling.




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