FS: Drop Panda

$320 (or reasonable offers - includes PP fees, shipping and insurance)
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I was one of the original 1000 to back these headphones. I just don’t use them. I prefer my IEMs. I also have the boom mic ($49) that Drop created for the Panda. The headphone really does sound nice. And it’s very comfortable, at least on my head.

I’m newer to headphones.com, but I do have a 715, 100% status on eBay.


From what I’ve read these have an internal amp, do they get loud enough? Or would they be helped by an amp? Curious which IEM you prefer over these that will give me an idea of what kind sound these lose to I have been looking into this model for a bit plus the added bonus if not having to wait as one would direct from drop, as I said I’ve been looking into this model and am interested just need a bit of info.

Hello. Yes, these have an internal THX amp. They certainly got loud enough for me. I’ve used them with my phone and also my Fiio M11. The IEM I listen to is a hybrid. It has a planar, dynamic driver and electrostats for the highs. I have the THX789 amp for my desktop setup and love it. When I saw the Drop Panda had a THX built in amp, that’s why I purchased them. I think they sound very good.

If you do choose to plug it into an external source, the internal THX amps are disabled.

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They get quite loud. Far louder than I would ever even dream of listening at 75% volume