FS: Esoteric N-05XD, Mutec REF10 SE120, Etherregen w/Farad3 and more

**Price: 4500
**Currency: USD
**Ships to: US

I am putting up for sale my Mutec REF10 SE120 master clock with 8 independently configurable clock outputs. This unit was converted to the SE120 model from Mutec themselves and, according to the CEO, they hand-picked the lowest noise oscillator possible (-123db @10z with 13.42fs jitter 1-100). This is actually a better measurement than even the retail REF10 SE120. It achieves a signal that is lower than even the best Cybershaft etc clocks at a much lower cost.

The clock is in excellent condition and will come in its original box.

Ground shipped with full insurance to Cont US.

Thanks for looking, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions, need more info or pics, etc.


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