FS: Exasound e32 DAC / HP Amp

Price: $1300
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS
Original Retail Price: $3499

Exasound e32 DAC with Headphone Amp.
Original purchaser, original packaging and accessories.
Excellent Condition
Need to sell due to downsizing - Great with ZMF Headphones

Review from hifipig.com:

" Build Quality: Built to last. Ergonomically designed: economy of controls

Sound Quality: Detailed, wide open soundstage, a clarity which not only lets your hear the music, but the layers you didn’t know were there

Value for Money: You reach a point in your life where if you want it, here it is, come and get it. Value is subjective. If you want the aforementioned sonic quality ask no questions

Pros: Proprietary CORE Audio and ASIO drivers developed to extract the best from the respective systems. Built on top of ESS 9208 S Pro chip. Intuitive interface and detailed online support for playback software configuration"