FS: Feliks Euforia

Price: 2100 1900 + Shipping
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Looking to sell a Feliks Euforia. It hasn’t seen much use since I got a Chord DAVE.
I purchase the unit February 24 2021, received it on March 1st. Used for less than 30 days.
The unit was purchased brand new, directly from Upscale Audio.
Comes w/ original packaging (will ship double boxed).


Is this still available?

Same question. Will buy it today if it’s still available; otherwise ordering a new one, so please reply promptly?

Was posted on usaudiomart with same pictures and was switched to expired (sold?)

Safe bet it’s no longer available. Also on his face page here the Euforia is scratched out.

Inspecter earmuffs has solved the case. Stamped case closed :fist_right:

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I inquired about it around a month ago over on USAM. @evilmaniac got right back to me. We didn’t make a deal, but the headphone amp was active at the time and for sale. Don’t think he’s super active on this forum.

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