FS: Focal Clear Professional

Price: 1050 USD (includes shipping for you folk)
Currency: USD / Euro / Brexit Coin
Ships to: Anywhere

Will be posted from Australia. But super well packaged up, think has tracking too.

Have them listed on eBay too. Welcome to hit my with an offer, maybe do it here via PM first, save me responding “naaaah, fk off mate”. Its a free fee ebay listing for me, so no difference where you buy.


I think we talked on reverb… can’t do PM because I’m too new on the site.


Enjoy! I think that was me!

Yeah wrong person bud!

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Feel free to offer too if you want them. Fairly flexible (not physically, financially)

Drop to 1050 posted for Headphone dot com folk.

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Oof…this is another headphone I’ll be looking closely at if and when I ever decide to pursue a desktop rig…GLWS!

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Final price drop for headphone dot com people’s

$1000 USD

These priced appropriately? Not sure what they sell for in the North.

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Yes. It took me awhile to sell mine. Had to go on reverb as no one would bite on eBay. I had 28 watchers with around 1450 views, and about 25 days. Listed them on reverb and sold them in a day or so.
That’s a good price!

Thanks. Might stick them on Reverb too :slight_smile:

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Did the Clears sell?

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Yeah mate. Recently on sale in Aus again for 1200 AUD…

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