FS: Focal Elegia with whatever pads are on it

Price: 400 pp fees and fedex ground included
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

Selling a Focal Elegia. I am the second owner. I’m near mint condition. They were barely broken in at the time I bought them in December. I have upgraded, and I do not need to go into an office or some place I need a closed back. I am including a 3m NewFantasia cable which I used with the Elegia because the stock cable is bad and the people that made it should feel bad. Let me know if you’d like opinions on what pairs well and what doesn’t.


What pads are those on the Elegia? Doesn’t look like stock ones…

Beautiful set.

They are stock as far as I know. I haven’t switched them.

That’s a stock elegia pad. Suede all around.

yours look to be an upgrade model maybe… leather or something? A dekoni? Hard to say.

Edit - maybe a dekoni elite fenistrated?


Yes, those look like Dekoni Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin to me.

Beat me to it! :slight_smile: Haha

Huh. Ok well, editing title