FS: Focal Stellia *SOLD*

Price: 2300
Ships to: Europe

For sale a pair of Focal Stellia headphones in mint condition.

Bought in June 2019 from an authorized Focal dealer, they are technically and visually flawless without any signs or marks and/or use.

Used in a pet/non smoking free environment and when not in use they were always kept on the carrying case.

The Stellia will be delivered in the original card box and leather box with all accessories:

leather box with guarantee and operating instructions, carrying case, 3 m long 4-pin XLR cable, 1.2 m long cable with 3.5 mm plug, and i will also include a OIDIO PELLUCID SERIES CABLE FOR DUAL 3.5MM HEADPHONES 1.25m length with 4.4mm end.

The Stellia is often considered the best closed headphones, which I can also confirm. I selling them because I intend to invest on a new pair of studio monitors.


Very nice.

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Sold!! Please delete

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