FS: Focal Stellia w/box, case, cables

Price: $1900
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

SOLD: Focal Stellia

I bought the Stellia looking for an endgame closed back after reading so many reviews of how great these were. They bring everything that’s great about the Focal Utopia to a closed back. And they are tremendously fast with terrific bass response. But there’s something in the upper mids/lower treble that I don’t like. They’re just not for me.

You can see everything you get with this sale in my unboxing video below, leather bound stuff and a terrific carry case-- I paid $2000 for this Stellia set about a month ago. I also cleaned the headphone.

Stellia Unboxing


Hey Michael. I guess when you cleaned out the dust out of that used pair no improvements were to be found. Lol :joy:

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