FS: Grado PS2000e Price drop!

The Flagship of the Grado line. Great headphones, especially if you like the Grado house sound. Cosmetically 8.5/10 due to small surface scratches on the face of the cups. You can see them in the pics.

See Price drop below!!!

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Bumpity bump bump
Bumpity bump bump
look at my Grados

(Sung to the tune of Frosty The Snowman)


Haha, that’s exactly how I read it​:notes::christmas_tree:

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Dropping the price to $1440 using PayPal G&S, or 1400 for PayPal F&F.
Either option includes priority mail medium flat rate box insured for Sale price.

Another price drop below!

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Bump is not 20 characters

Another price drop. 1350 PayPal F&F or $1390 for G&S
Still includes shipping CONUS insured for full amount.

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And sold!

Still includes shipping

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