FS: Hifiman HE560

All items come with original packaging and accessories unless otherwise noted.
Prices are in USD. Paypal only. Shipping included to USA. Other countries, please inquire.

+ Hifiman HE560 Planar Open Backs (2.5mm version, wood trim) $280

Item does not come with original cables. I replaced the cable with a NewFantasia OFC cable with 3.5mm and 6.35mm screw on adapter. Includes extra set of suede pads, and Sundara headband as a bonus.

+ Etymotics ER2XR SOLD
+ AKG K371 Closed Back Headphones SOLD
+ Moondrop Kanas Pro SOLD


Is there an Aeolus in your future???

haha. I think I am going to have to pass as it’s a little heavy for my neck. I am sure you can sell it in an instant if you list it. I will have to catch up with you this week maybe on how the meetup was and so i can give these back :slight_smile:

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Wait a minute, are there some Aeolus on the block? I want Aeolus!

@DarthPool is going to be selling his Ziricote Aeolus. I currently have it in my possession but I am passing up this once in a lifetime opportunity to buy it. :frowning:

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@DarthPool I am in the Everett area, I think I am local to you, Ping me. Thanks


Wow, you’re parting with your beloved 560! What came between you?

I love it, but it’s not getting used. I recently just picked up the TR-X00 Ebony, and have the Thieaudio Planar over-ear as well. The HE560 is still probably better than the Thieaudio one, but I am finding I dont really go for the HE560 when I have the Verite and now the Fostex. So hoping it goes to home that’ll use it more.

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