FS: KG CFA3 Fully Loaded

**Price: SOLD
**Currency: USD
**Ships to: NA

Selling a Dukei built, fully loaded, 2-chassis CFA3 in mint condition (US voltage).

The build was optioned with the following options:

  • Alps RK27 quad pot
  • Matched octet of low noise BJT transistors for input.
  • Matched small-signal transistors throughout the build
  • Golden Reference power supply with a low noise transformer, 115V AC.
  • Nichicon KZ muse capacitors, throughout the build
  • 5W non-inductive output resistors
  • Headphone Protector/Delay board
  • Double shielded OFC wire (for signal)
  • XLR input, RCA input
  • 4-pin XLR output jack, 6,35mm jack
  • Low gain/high gain switch

Asking for $3100 OBO. Second owner, not looking for trades.

Price incl UPS insured shipping to Cont US.

Any questions feel free to contact me.

Thanks for looking!