FS: Modded M1060c and Focal Elex

Price: m1060c - $300 Elex - $540
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere

Hi all,

I have my open-back modded M1060c and Focal Elex for sale. Both are in excellent condition and come with original box and cables.

I’m new to these forums but have positive feedback on HeadFi, r/hardwareswap and r/avexchange.

I am selling because I upgraded to new cans (this hobby is never ending), and sadly, I can’t justify a pair of expensive headphones just sitting on the sidelines.

Pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/PXWmKTg

Every mod is about two months old and is in great shape.

Here are all the mods done to it:

  • 3D printed honeycomb grills
  • Classic Hifiman headband
  • ZMF micro suede pilot pad
  • Brainwavz XL micro suede pads

Note: I have not touched the driver. Every mod has been external.

I also have Dekoni Audeze Velour pads. If you wish, I will include them in the sale for an extra $30.

Focal Elex
Mint condition. Have owned less than a month and have less than 50 hours of use on them.

Pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/LfEbiQR

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Is the focal elex still for sale?