HD650 for sale

Price: $210
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

HD650 for sale
Very good condition
Made in Ireland
Free Shipping (CONUS and insured)
PayPal family and friends is appreciated.

Edit: Price drop


I remember, when I bought a pair in … 2006? 2007? Thinking that I had really taken off for the moon, that these were the ultimate headphones ever … and therefore justifying the expense (which was only about $350 or so). Now of course … yikes. But, you know, they are great headphones, and I loved them … and never even really knew enough at the time to get a proper headphone amp or anything. Just ran them out of the computer. Duh. Still great.

Good luck with the sale!


Yeah I have another pair as well :grin:
Those aren’t going anywhere. Just can’t justify two lol


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