HEDD Audio HEDDphone Two - Official Discussion Thread

with the Audeze LCD-3 and the Hedd2 being the same price how do these two compare…

Unfortunately I haven’t heard the LCD-3. The closest comparison I have is to the MM-500.

This very well done review of the Heddphone 2 reads like it was a review of the Monoprice AMT headphones, which I have. The two are evidently very similar in design, performance and pros/cons. The Monoprice has the bass rolloff below 60 Hz or so, and also the upper midrange dropout. These characteristics must be due to the Heil driver basic design. In my case I have used considerable parametric EQ for correction. The only significant differences according to the review are the weight and the price. The Monoprice AMT weighs quite a bit more, 680 grams. I notice that somewhat excessive weight quite a lot, though at least for me it is distributed evenly enough to not be a big problem. The other significant difference is the price, where the Monoprice AMT comes in currently at $900. There is also an annoyance in the Monoprice design: it uses an ideosyncratic oddball pinout configuration for the 4-pin mini XLR headphone connectors, so that aftermarket high quality headphone cables designed for common high-end headphones are incompatible. For instance using cables designed with the common Audeze pinout can burn out the amplifier due to shorting signal to ground.

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