Hiby R5

MusicTeck is, i think, the only hiby dealer in the US outside of the stuff Hiby sells on amazon. They carry the 2020 versions in stock.

I did see them there. Their return policy may include restocking fees. As a kind of crazy consumer advocate, I typically don’t go for that.

Repot a problem I found on my new Hiby R5 S model from Amazon US: first I updated the device to the last firmware version 1.92G, then Tidal App 2.37; after logging into my Tidal account, I noticed when playing from a none MQA track to a MQA track, the 4.4mm balanced output has a slight hiss noise for the 1st coupe of seconds of the MQA track.

I have reported this to the Hiby service email and they are investigating it. Wonder if any of the owners here encountered the same issue ?

I also test this same sequence on my IFi NEO IDSD Phone amp / DAC on its 4.4 balanced output with the same Tidal account, no hiss noise when transitioning from none MQA to MQA tracks

Do we pronounce it like: hibb-eee or like Hi!-bee?

The first is commonly used – never did hear the second version.

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I like to think it is Hi…Bye! :wink:

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Isn’t it “high buy”?

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I like Hi-bee! I usually say Hib-eee… but now will just call it High-Bee … :joy: