Hifiman HE400i (all revisions)

I have posted a quick comparison between the HE400i 2020 and the Hifiman Deva in the Deva thread.

Here is the link to it for anyone interested in the comparison…

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I had the first HE-400i and currently the MD-4XX. When they first came out they were spoken about as if they were a top 12-15 can.

Times have changed. On a tight budget there are the HD-6** cans as the major competition. I now view them today as a “fun” or “budget” can. I tried to boost my 4XX performance. New balanced cable, change pads - going as high as the Ether Angled, rear screens off, dynamat, Ragnarok 1- and compared to what you get out of the HE-500 with similar changes (and the fuzzor mod), the 4XX just don’t scale up. If you like rock and are tight of funds - go for it. But even a used HE-500 unmodded if you can find one at ~$375-425 is a far better buy (assuming you have the 2 watts). Or if you happen to have an OTL tube amp go right to the HD-600 and let your jaw drop.