HiFiMAN HE400se

I’m not sure what the default is actually, but you can see the effect in the curve view.

Just received a set of Hifiman 400se, outstanding, I did have a much older version
of this set , also very good sounding, I did get get the updated cable, I’m listening to the phones connected to a Shanling M3s music player.
I am also intending to use the Fiio BK3K dac/amp/bluetooth with these headphones.


It measures very similarly to Sundara for less than half the price.

Only issue is build quality and channel imbalance.

But if you buy from Amazon you can measure imbalance and return if there’s an issue.

I did that until I got a unit without imbalance.

Sounds very similar to my Sundara with EQ to same target.

I prefer the fit on my ears of Sundara though.

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I’m new here, but wanted to describe my experience. I had the original Hifiman HE400 quite a few years ago and I can say I prefer the original sound signature. The originals extended into the subbass more and hit harder.

That being said, the He400se are great sounding and seem to have better build quality. The headband keeps giving me a hotspot on the top of my head that starts about 15 minutes in. I created a suspension, leather headband that feels much better. I replaced the earpads with Brainwavz XL and find them much more comfortable with slightly larger soundstage.

Some have asked about amping requirements. I think these can sound ‘good’ with a little power (very anemic without anything), but they open up and sound great with some power. The best sounding amp for these so far has been my trusty Fiio E12a Mont Blanc. I’ve tried some others, but they just don’t sound full or complete. I really think the combination of impedance and sensitivity needs some juice to sound their best.

I’ve seen and heard of spaghetti looking cables. Mine came with a heavier duty, black cable that seems decent quality. I haven’t had any microphonic issues and I like that it’s not a 20 foot cord.


I have a question regarding finding reasonable dac/amp to hifiman he400se headphones I bought recently. Originally, I planned to use them directly with my laptop but in various reviews I read that dac/amp is almost necessary to drive them. My question is, whether it is true and potentially what dac is enough for them. I would like to something budget friendly around 100$. Would you give me some suggestions please? I was taking a quick look at hibi fc4, ifi go link or fiio ka3.

They aren’t as hard to drive as many. If you do get a DAC/Amp with a balanced option, then definitely invest in an inexpensive cable to match.

The Tanchjim Space is available on AliExpress for something like $75 USD. I don’t think it is the greatest match because it is very bright and resolving compared to other dongles. It is great, though, if you are into critical, as opposed to relaxing, listening.

What’s your laptop, if you don’t mind us asking?

Thanks. My laptop is quite basic. It is few years old acer aspire 5 with razen 7 5700U chip. Regarding the audio, it is powered by Realtek alc256. The sound quality overall is not bad (I have the boom audio for EQ and I use Tidal hifi plus for music streaming) but I was unable to find any specifications of the power output of 3.5mm jack output.
Anyway, i prefer slightly “v” shaped and rather detailed and bright sound over warm and relaxed so the tanjin might be then a way to go for me if it is not too much.

This is where I got mine, but I got it for a little less a month ago because of an AliExpress sale


HiFiGo’s Amazon store has it for the same price, which would make for an easy return if you don’t like it for some reason


I just got a pair, my first headphones since the 70s. Wow, was I impressed, they sound amazing on my Hiby R6.3. Priced on under US$70. Amazing