HiFiMAN HE6 Official Thread

Hi all. Anyone following this thread that may want to buy my HE-6s? All original boxes (which are also cool too). I just don’t listen to headphones anymore so these are sitting unused. Perfect condition

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Now, briefly getting to the whole amplifier question… let me state as clearly as possible that you do not need a speaker amplifier to power these . There’s a narrative surrounding these headphones that’s kind of like the audiophile equivalent to “but can it play Crysis?” for those who remember that. That narrative comes from the days when headphone amplifiers didn’t have the juice to be able to drive the HE6 appropriately, but in the years since, that part of the industry has caught up - in part with design intentions specifically aimed at driving the HE6. So once again, you do not need to use a speaker amp with these, however you may still want to.

I can attest to these findings as I have my HE 6 headphones attached to my Audio Research power amplifier and it transformed the sound. There is a magical sound signature that I cannot get with my other dedicated headphone amplifiers. The sound is surprisingly somewhat close to my 009S.

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It has been several years since I’ve owned either the HE-500 or the HE-6, but I do recall enjoying both while I had them, but the HE-6 bested the HE-500 in clarity and soundstage with some simple mods (angled pads, screen removed from grille, and a headband pad for better comfort). A key point is amplification. Underpowered, the HE-6 doesn’t sing like it is intended to. I owned the LCD-X then swapped them for the HE-6 and I found them to be very similar, but the LCD-X was easier to drive, so played better with more amps. I ultimately got an offer for the HE-6 that I couldn’t refuse and moved on. My biggest gripe with the HE-500 and HE-6 is that they’re just fragile feeling. The mini coax connection was a PITA, the cups scratched easily, and they just didn’t match the integrity of the LCD series, IMO.


Brought this baby to canjam and it’s still one of my favorite headphones. 6 screw.

If anyone is looking to sell theirs (especially a 4 screw!) let me know. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: